Vince UNHAPPY With Cain Valesquez' Physique! The Rock Responds to Randy Orton! WWE Wrestling News!

  • Published: 08 October 2019
  • Raw has just wrapped up and now it's time for the biggest wrestling news stories including Vince McMahon being unhappy with Cain Velasquez' Physique, Wrestlers unhappy with the way Kofi Kingston lost the Championship Belt. Vince congratulates the boys! Who is next for Goldberg? UFC vs WWE? The Rock Responds to Randy Orton's Wrestlemania 36 Challenge!

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Comments • 1 981

  • Ryann Von Doom
    Ryann Von Doom  2 weeks back

    If Vince truly cared about Physique that beat Brock.. he'd have signed Alistair Overeem who looks like a god damn super hero.

    • ranjeet kumar
      ranjeet kumar  2 weeks back

      Vince is unhappy with his urine color...

      • mrbadguysan
        mrbadguysan  3 weeks back

        People like Daniel Cormier, the folks at AKA, and the dudes from Eagles MMA don't look up to Velasquez because he's tonned, they look up to him because goddamned machine.

        How the WWE can't capitalize on this is absolutely beyond me, but what's new? Apart from Ronda Rousey and in part Shamrock, Vince McMahon has never known what to do with MMA champs. These are the same morons that had Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn on their roster at the same time and did absolutely nothing with them.

        • pythonpoker
          pythonpoker  3 weeks back

          Tito is 20-12-1 , he was great years back .Respect for what he did then .

          • Mister Anthropy
            Mister Anthropy  3 weeks back

            What about his racist tattoo?

            • ooPROTOTYPE1oo
              ooPROTOTYPE1oo  3 weeks back

              Who's that skinny fat guy? That guy is the one who's gonna kick your ass for real, Jericho.

              • Jose Munoz
                Jose Munoz  3 weeks back

                it just shows that wwe is about the looks, but a real fighter dont have to be ripped to whoop some ass

                • Johnny B
                  Johnny B  3 weeks back

                  Yet Cain still fuck up brock lesnar at crown jewel until he do that submission since Brock was scripted to win. That same move Brock do on Cain is the very same move Cain can easily break in UFC also 😂 Vince think looking like the hulk gives you power but a person who look like balls Mahoney could KO a body builder

                  • prototype615h
                    prototype615h  3 weeks back

                    His face has no emotions. Pro wrestling is about selling the move and adding flamboyance. I dont see that in Cain

                    • mrbadguysan
                      mrbadguysan  3 weeks back

                      Who could pretend to be hurt or intimidated by a modern wrestler? I could kill a healthy chunk of the WWE roster, and I'm just a normal dude and not a machine like Cain Velasquez.

                  • Prestons Super Show
                    Prestons Super Show  3 weeks back

                    Just wrestle with a shirt or a tank top.

                    • aa. gg.
                      aa. gg.  3 weeks back

                      Me too, he looks liek shit

                      • Arecks Taune
                        Arecks Taune  3 weeks back

                        Well guess what Vince, Velasquez would fuck your whole roster up, in REAL life

                        • Down Hill
                          Down Hill  3 weeks back

                          cain wouldnt get abs when he was an amateur wrestler, a ufc fighter, why would you think he'll be working on crunches and situps now that he's a wwe wrestler? LOL. Man loves his dad bod and mexican food way too much. No amount of $ thrown in his face will make him say otherwise.

                          • LET'S GO CHAMP
                            LET'S GO CHAMP  3 weeks back

                            WWE the only way Brock will beat Velasquez lol if it's rehearsed like everything else in the WWE

                            • dave69mj
                              dave69mj  3 weeks back

                              We all knew he wouldn't hold a title.

                            • dave69mj
                              dave69mj  3 weeks back

                              He got paid sick money to lay down for this one.

                          • Calvin Davian
                            Calvin Davian  3 weeks back

                            Hahah xpac hahahahaha

                            • IceBlueThug
                              IceBlueThug  3 weeks back

                              Vince doesn’t like his gut? He should be more concerned about the guys ability to demolish another human being in a real fight. That’s what matters the most.

                              • Max Maybir
                                Max Maybir  3 weeks back

                                If Vince Mcmahon is ALL NATURAL, then I am Mike Tyson lol

                                • Pauly b blaze
                                  Pauly b blaze  3 weeks back

                                  If anyone thinks wwe wrestlers can be pro UFC fighters your nuts

                                  • Chris Dolmeth
                                    Chris Dolmeth  3 weeks back

                                    One of a kind, larger than life fight? Is that right? Ortiz is a 44 year old fighter (20-12) far past his prime, only having one fight in 2017 against Chael Sonnen and one fight in 2018 when he KO’d an even more far past his prime Chuck Liddell. Del Rio, 42, has a 9-5 record. His last fight taking place in 2010, where he lost 7 minutes in to the fight by TKO. But, I am rather impressed that all 9 of his wins have come from stoppages with 7 submissions and 2 knockouts, although all of his wins were against nobodies. He’s also got a background in Greco-Roman wrestling, which I wasn’t previously aware of.

                                    Regardless, it’s nowhere near a one of a kind, larger than life fight. It’s two old heads far past their prime, one of which who hasn’t even competed in nine damn years. It’s definitely not a fight I’m gonna bother watching even though I like Ortiz, but if I had to guess... I would probably bet on Ortiz winning by decision, TKO via ground and pound, or submission. If Del Rio wins, it’s likely to come from a decision or submission.


                                    • raffpants618
                                      raffpants618  3 weeks back

                                      cain has no charisma, is flabby, and can barley move - who thought he was going to be a good wwe wrestler??

                                      • Sumit Singh
                                        Sumit Singh  4 weeks back

                                        Jericho doesn't even have any idea how painful it can be if he ever has to take a punch from Cain.

                                        • swygster
                                          swygster  4 weeks back

                                          Vince don’t wanna hear about no functional strength. Aesthetic or gtfo.

                                        • Dan Sawicki
                                          Dan Sawicki  4 weeks back

                                          Looks like Cain hasn’t seen a gym in years.

                                          • Dan Sawicki
                                            Dan Sawicki  3 weeks back


                                            no, in the UFC Cain was thicker, he clearly lost mass.

                                            look at his arms.

                                          • IceBlueThug
                                            IceBlueThug  3 weeks back

                                            Dan Sawicki Nope, and doesn’t need to because he smashed Brock Lesnar years ago in that exact shape. ;)

                                        • MRI Man
                                          MRI Man  4 weeks back

                                          Telling cain to take steroids haha

                                          • alfandi nbs
                                            alfandi nbs  4 weeks back

                                            Cain is still training at aka with dc i thought he would return to ufc but he chose retired

                                            • aSAD Hollow
                                              aSAD Hollow  4 weeks back

                                              Jarico will shit his pants inside octagon with cane

                                              • Alan Ross
                                                Alan Ross  4 weeks back

                                                Yet Jericho is that fat guy now

                                                • houston Mulkey
                                                  houston Mulkey  4 weeks back

                                                  Cain looks like a balloon he must've been on roids in his prime he looks like shit

                                                  • omgwtfhacks
                                                    omgwtfhacks  4 weeks back

                                                    Pac was right lmao

                                                    • adam chapman
                                                      adam chapman  4 weeks back

                                                      Go on the juice like all the wrestlers.

                                                      • Brother Malik
                                                        Brother Malik  4 weeks back

                                                        Cain would beat anyone in a real fight in WWE. Vince should shut his mouth.

                                                        • Caveman Dan
                                                          Caveman Dan  4 weeks back

                                                          Bring on the TRT

                                                          • leopldo alvarez
                                                            leopldo alvarez  4 weeks back

                                                            cain is doing the wwe a favor by tryin to bring ratings up again , cain looks like a joke by going to wwe but hey he is getting paid big time so whatever

                                                            • Ayush Negi
                                                              Ayush Negi  4 weeks back

                                                              Vince is not natural

                                                              • Bondo McJefferson
                                                                Bondo McJefferson  4 weeks back

                                                                I'd like Vince to say that to someone like Mark Hunt!!

                                                                • Alex Trader
                                                                  Alex Trader  4 weeks back

                                                                  Yeah I agree its not very impressive either, but Vince doesn't seem to understand that's not how it works in the MMA world. Having sexy roided up body types doesn't give the upper hand in crushing opponents. Then imagine if Vince hired Fedor? Look at his physique. That would be even more ridiculous.

                                                                  • Young Blood
                                                                    Young Blood  1 months back

                                                                    Unhappy with cains shape lol look at mark Henry or big show. Or half the roster for that matter

                                                                    • strongsick286
                                                                      strongsick286  1 months back

                                                                      lol so basically you want him to get on gear do you want him to lie about how much weight he has lifted in the gym as well :)

                                                                      • Marcos tomas
                                                                        Marcos tomas  1 months back

                                                                        Vince is just a mf racist lol he don’t like the gut? What about Kevin and Joe fatt ass 🤔 just hating on my Mexican ppl VIVA LA RAZA !!! BROWN PRIDE !!!

                                                                        • HAPPY DAYS
                                                                          HAPPY DAYS  1 months back

                                                                          How can you say Vince is all natural he has done more steriods than I've had hot dinners

                                                                          • Armando Guerrero
                                                                            Armando Guerrero  1 months back

                                                                            Velasquez ain't for WWE his character is fucking stale and tea bags

                                                                            • Raymund Labs ra
                                                                              Raymund Labs ra  1 months back

                                                                              it's about fighting and wrestling and Cain is champ with that sports . is it WWE bodybuilder championship? it's about fighting and Cain can KO all of them

                                                                              • Lag Swag
                                                                                Lag Swag  1 months back

                                                                                Would wwe hire a white man with a white pride tattoo on his chest? How is brown pride okay?

                                                                                • Action Jackson
                                                                                  Action Jackson  1 months back

                                                                                  Vince can STFU, Cain can beat the shit out of any of his "superstars"

                                                                                  • Jermaine Stacy
                                                                                    Jermaine Stacy  1 months back

                                                                                    Vince is a racist and only made Kofi WWE Champion to boost ratings because of AEW. He didn't want to crown Kofi. His ratings went back up and made Kofi loose the belt in seconds. WWE is a straight up racist company.

                                                                                    • 101010101 _
                                                                                      101010101 _  1 months back

                                                                                      Why though? he looks like a Mexican version of Kane.... probably why hes called Cain

                                                                                      • Shaad1337
                                                                                        Shaad1337  1 months back

                                                                                        I think it was a positive statement to not hide the gut, because it just proves u dont have to be ripped to beat a ripped guy in the ufc ring. But if you really want to hide it vince, just have him wear a tshirt. Yes, cain was a bit more ripped for the ufc fight but not by much more than now.

                                                                                        • cmoneytheman
                                                                                          cmoneytheman  1 months back

                                                                                          how he not happy the dude not part of wwe his body look weird look like dalips aka khali and his neck weird