How Much Will People Pay Me For Exotic Animals in Minecraft?

  • Published: 07 October 2019

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Comments • 819

  • LoverFella
    LoverFella   2 months back

    Who was the best seller?

  • BiG mAcK Spam
    BiG mAcK Spam  11 hours back

    Server link?

    • Jeff Stroud
      Jeff Stroud  14 hours back

      It's not right to just take away arties money so
      And a you will lose people that play on your server loverfella btw no hate

      • Glazed
        Glazed  1 days back

        Minecraft drama somewhat gives me anxiety

        • Lizzie Firkey
          Lizzie Firkey  1 days back

          Talk about some aggressive sales tactics xD Can't deny their effectiveness, though

          • Supreme_illusion
            Supreme_illusion  2 days back

            Play ark

            • BlindPenguin
              BlindPenguin  2 days back

              I guess i was doing it wrong all the time. Gonna implement those tactics in my business. :P

              • Flamingo Is chill
                Flamingo Is chill  4 days back

                Fun fact this is he first loverfella video I saw

                • the pootypie
                  the pootypie  5 days back

                  The best seller was me I spent negitve 15,0000 dont ask OK 👌

                  • THEThroll Adriano
                    THEThroll Adriano  6 days back

                    Man, LoverFella is like Chris McLane 😂😂😂

                    • Susan Wright
                      Susan Wright  6 days back

                      He even payed 900k the first person for the pandas haha!!!!!,!,

                      • Susan Wright
                        Susan Wright  6 days back

                        49k not 400k editor haha!!!!!,!,

                        • sibling Life
                          sibling Life  1 weeks back

                          me: *always is searching for lover fella, because he is god*
                          lover fella: subscribe
                          me: *realizing that i wasn't subscribed for all my life*
                          also me: *dies*

                          • Christian Avonce Herrnandez

                            You look like Sypherpk

                            • TheLeftFooted Sultan
                              TheLeftFooted Sultan  1 weeks back

                              4:10 all time great salesman line there

                              • TheLeftFooted Sultan
                                TheLeftFooted Sultan  1 weeks back

                                Two million dollars. If you don’t like that price, I don’t either. 2.1 million
                                Soap, 2019

                            • Clueless
                              Clueless  2 weeks back

                              Ahhh season 2 congratulations on 750k btw and I have been watching your other channels and I didn’t know you good play the piano and your pretty good at it 👌❤️👍☺️ I also like your merch but no don’t think I will get that for Christmas or any money too help me buy parts for a pc or I don’t honk I will get any parts of a pc. I am not asking for a whole gaming pc right now because I know that’s not gonna happen, but I just want some help. Lol I don’t even know why I am talking about this in my comment.
                              Happy Holidays😁

                              • logue sisters
                                logue sisters  2 weeks back

                                I know how you make animals go upside down you take a name tag and call it Dinner bone

                                • * Karen
                                  * Karen  2 weeks back

                                  “I can barely put food on the table for dinner.”

                                  Sir you have over $100000 dollars, if you’re talking about Minecraft.

                                  • Mineslof Cat
                                    Mineslof Cat  2 weeks back

                                    I made a no kill animal shelter in minecraft I named Moba. (Peta+Minecraft mob) and I am honestly really proud of it. There is a yard outside for the mobs to play in, and 4 sections for mobs in the building. There is a baby section for very young mobs that aren’t adults yet, an adult section for fully grown mobs, and injured section for injured mobs, and a danger section. The danger section is for mobs that are prey for other mobs. For example: a sheep would go in the danger section so they are not ripped to shreds by wolves. There is also an animal hospital/vet for injured, or *sicc* mobs. There is even a lobby in the hospital/vet. The flooring in the hospital/vet is smooth quarts, and the flooring for the main building is yellow wool. Pretty cool huh?

                                    • Goulal Joseph
                                      Goulal Joseph  2 weeks back

                                      Knowone likes you stop being rude! I almost dislike

                                      • Black Unicorn
                                        Black Unicorn  2 weeks back

                                        U should do more of this

                                        • Moey Nasser
                                          Moey Nasser  2 weeks back

                                          Is loverfella secretly jake gylinhall

                                          • The Roblox Gamer who plays roblox

                                            Wait do you get real money?

                                          • Ashley Bonavia
                                            Ashley Bonavia  3 weeks back

                                            Isaac: *Lets the girl off by a couple 10,000
                                            Me:can somebody make this reality please?

                                            • Titan Gecko Oliver
                                              Titan Gecko Oliver  3 weeks back

                                              Why sooo much money for animals that you can get in minecraft!!!

                                              • Josh The Husky
                                                Josh The Husky  3 weeks back

                                                "Kill my dinosaur" haha been playin ark i see

                                                • Sil3ent Fart
                                                  Sil3ent Fart  3 weeks back

                                                  Issac made the most sales. Calling it.

                                                  • Leo Garcia
                                                    Leo Garcia  3 weeks back

                                                    This is a smart idea but it's really risky(can I join too?)

                                                    • Rosie N
                                                      Rosie N  3 weeks back


                                                      • Connor white
                                                        Connor white  3 weeks back

                                                        I think the best seller was isac

                                                        • Jaxon Wolf
                                                          Jaxon Wolf  3 weeks back

                                                          I wish I could join your server but I don’t own a PC

                                                          • Alien from area 51
                                                            Alien from area 51  3 weeks back

                                                            you shuold start a server for minecraft windows 10 user

                                                            • Kent Ray
                                                              Kent Ray  3 weeks back

                                                              Make more ark videos

                                                              • Mr. Random
                                                                Mr. Random  4 weeks back

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                                                                • henrik vest
                                                                  henrik vest  4 weeks back


                                                                  • Tristan Lakey
                                                                    Tristan Lakey  4 weeks back

                                                                    what is the server ip address

                                                                    • Janice _Jae
                                                                      Janice _Jae  4 weeks back

                                                                      Are they paying you really life money???

                                                                      • Minecrafttiktoker Gamer

                                                                        I cannot join

                                                                        • la la
                                                                          la la  4 weeks back

                                                                          I licked the screen but I forgot to cook it and I got salmonella

                                                                          • Miss Bocco
                                                                            Miss Bocco  4 weeks back

                                                                            how does one join this server

                                                                            • Natalie Brandow
                                                                              Natalie Brandow  4 weeks back

                                                                              What is the server though

                                                                              • Joseph Narrajos
                                                                                Joseph Narrajos  4 weeks back

                                                                                Is it real money

                                                                                • 🇱‌🇴‌🇰‌🇮‌

                                                                                  YoU aRe ThE GoD oF MiNeCrAfT

                                                                                  • Dominique Gaines
                                                                                    Dominique Gaines  4 weeks back

                                                                                    You guys have me cracking up!! Best Minecraft channel period.

                                                                                    • Andrew Nyika
                                                                                      Andrew Nyika  1 months back

                                                                                      When they say money what money are they talking sbout

                                                                                      • VIRUSIDIC SA
                                                                                        VIRUSIDIC SA  1 months back

                                                                                        Where is the link for the server and is that real money?!🥵

                                                                                        • MR Meola
                                                                                          MR Meola  1 months back

                                                                                          Do more ark vids like if agree

                                                                                          • Astha Asi
                                                                                            Astha Asi  1 months back

                                                                                            Exotic Butters