Let's Talk About The Fiend vs Seth Rollins At WWE Hell In A Cell | Simon Miller Wrestling Show #220

  • Published: 08 October 2019
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    I know a lot of people have already talked about, but we need to have one last chat about Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins at WWE Hell In A Cell...

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Comments • 102

  • philipbryce
    philipbryce  1 months back

    Here's the thing if you wanted a ref stoppage (which would have pissed everyone off no matter what) the way you could have made sense was to have Seth or Bray attack the ref. Then the ref could stop the match and DQ'd whoever did it.

    • L Boogie
      L Boogie  1 months back

      Here’s the thing with the Fiend being champ... he would be the hunted and he’s better going after people. The fiend don’t need the title, he just doesn’t need to lose!

      • Davon Davis
        Davon Davis  1 months back

        are we ready to say vince hates bray wyatt

        • Happy Nihilist
          Happy Nihilist  1 months back

          Honestly, if they wanted to keep the belt on Seth have The Fiend just beat him down brutally. I am talking 15 minutes of no selling damage, and squashing him. For the ending just have him leave
          Seth laying, even using the same coughing up "blood" image, and not even bother to pin him. Kind of makes it look like The Fiend was just there for the brutality, and does not care about the gold. It elevates Bray, and keeps the belt on Seth without ruining the Cell stipulation

          • M MM
            M MM  1 months back

            It was bad...but still better than anything AEW ever did...

          • C. Bright
            C. Bright  1 months back

            This was simple, you want him to lose last minute? Send Bray Wyatt out instead of the fiend. Say the fiend abandoned him, have Seth squash Bray, and then tease the fiend coming back up till you want him to win.

            • The Cheeseburger_666
              The Cheeseburger_666  1 months back

              Drew Galloway wins over sensitive rollins.

              via dq

              • Tyler Hatfield
                Tyler Hatfield  1 months back

                Do you think wwe did this expecting the backlash and wanting us to keep talking about it?

                • Jacob Headlam
                  Jacob Headlam  1 months back

                  I think they should just do the rematch as an impropto match on the next Raw and have the Fiend win and then move on to a new feud

                  • Xennieal chayliss
                    Xennieal chayliss  1 months back

                    SETH LYNCH IS NOT KOOL

                    • Tony Hewitt
                      Tony Hewitt  1 months back

                      They kept the title on Seth for crown Jewell as sad as it is thats why. They tried to sell a ppv and they did. The fiend will remain strong but i have lost all faith in wwe.

                      • Brandon Sorensen
                        Brandon Sorensen  1 months back

                        Its the massive amount of finishers not finishing a match AEWs playbook???

                        • Tony E
                          Tony E  1 months back

                          They do not know how to make the over the top larger then life babyfaces anymore and they certainly do not know how to get any top babyfaces over anymore. I miss the larger then life over the top characters. Whatever happened to the Ultimate Warriors of the world? The prime Hulk Hogans, Macho Man Randy Savage, Sting, Undertaker, Stone Cold, Rock etc....??? We never see anything even remotely close to those talents and characters anymore. The wrestlers today lack charisma with the exception of Bray Wyatt. All the wrestlers like Seth Rollins are boring. They all look and act alike, just like ordinary people with poor mic skills. They are like watching your next door neighbor in the ring getting pushed by the powers to be and shoved down your throat as champion! BORING! Nothing catching, or charismatic about Seth Rollins! The biggest best over the top charismatic character they got going is the Fiend and they are already ruing that character. Now the Hell in the cell match got buried as well. It is like Vince's Pride and stubbornness is causing him to completely bury his own company and he isn't even aware of it! That is the sad thing about it all!!

                          • Manuel Luis Pereira
                            Manuel Luis Pereira  1 months back

                            The Fiend got what he wanted he turned Seth into a monster. Seth needs a character reset. The fans are fickle one minute they live you the next they boo you. I think he's joining the Firefly fun house. People jump the gun without thinking of the long term story. Even on Raw noone booed

                            • liberal democrat socialist slayer

                              good video simon. I just subscribed. First, the fiend deserves AEW!!! also I love the red tint, brings something totally different to the match, gives the fiend this mystique feel for the match. but also I think they did the red light because they knew they were going to do a blood scene so they made sure it was not in natural lighting, even after the match was over, they did not change the lights and then they did the blood capsules in seth's mouth and blood came out so not surprise there, also I loved the fiend kicking out at one, and not being affected by the moves, i enjoyed that, the crowd did too! the fiend is awesome, but the fiend deserves AEW!

                              • john coppola
                                john coppola  1 months back

                                Hey simon, missed the live chat or I would have asked you this. Remember the whole situation with the fiend smashing the clock? What if he ends up winning the belt on that date. He says it was never his plan to win the title in hell in a cell and he only wanted Seth to break his moral boundary only to show him no matter what Seth was willing to do he can never defeat the fiend.

                                • J Compass
                                  J Compass  1 months back

                                  They didn't bury the Fiend whatsoever, they made him look unbelievably strong.

                                  • J Compass
                                    J Compass  1 months back

                                    @chase clarke same

                                  • chase clarke
                                    chase clarke  1 months back

                                    Fact I more so dont like the whole lack of more action in the match by the fiend I think they could've made it a lot more exciting and stretched out the time a bit more

                                • J Compass
                                  J Compass  1 months back

                                  How did Rollins turn heal? Why are people saying this?

                                  • Keandre Dennis
                                    Keandre Dennis  1 months back

                                    "and then they Bang!" LMFAO

                                    • Anthony Milano
                                      Anthony Milano  1 months back

                                      MJF does the you're a loser, live in your parents basement and play dungeons and dragons jabs. How old is that? That crap is old and played out and not clever. Not to mention he got punked by an actor lmao.

                                      • stewps
                                        stewps  1 months back

                                        20:35 - The Fiend has gone from Monster to "creepy guy who likes masks with inapproriate job"

                                        • duckrutt
                                          duckrutt  1 months back

                                          Someones at the door? Is it Bray? Alister? Don't open the doo... oh. It's a package. I mean that's cool I guess.

                                          • BlindsideNZ
                                            BlindsideNZ  1 months back

                                            There was a double turn, or at least a heel turn for Seth begging to happen there... maybe it did...

                                            • stewps
                                              stewps  1 months back

                                              I'd assume they would have had Seth out on Raw had it been the start of a turn. If he even gave a slight indication that it was a heel turn the WWE fans would all turn immediately and say "seee! Its was actually good"

                                          • Vermin van Suicide Aokigahara

                                            O boy Vince Mick Foley gets when sad when he sees that and Taker too

                                            • Thomas dgfhf
                                              Thomas dgfhf  1 months back

                                              Bray could be the Austin of his era and the axe they needed to go against aew

                                              • stewps
                                                stewps  1 months back

                                                Thing is, the WWE is a publicly traded corporation that is responsible for stockholders. The Fiend scares kids and they don't buy his merch. The WWE is not setup to respond to fan desires. It makes it easier to not watch.

                                            • Jeremy Honeycutt
                                              Jeremy Honeycutt  1 months back

                                              I still say the entire story line should have never happened. Thats where they fucked up first. However, sknce they did it, they could have ended the match by the fiend hanging him like undertaker did the big bossman and then just walked off without the belt. But under no circumstances should the last few minutes of the match ever happened.

                                              • v5red
                                                v5red  1 months back

                                                If they wanted to keep the belt on Seth, have Bray kill him, cut the lights, creepy music, laughter, lights back on and Fiend is gone(ie snuck under the ring).
                                                Edit: that would give you a strong Fiend and a story of Seth feeling like he is a paper champ who needs to redeem himself. That could lead to Seth turning heel and becoming vicious

                                                • Randy Beans
                                                  Randy Beans  1 months back

                                                  How did YouTube know i follow whatculture, kayfabe news and all the rest yet took till today to let me know Simon has a channel. Better late than never i guess.

                                                  • Eric Nelson
                                                    Eric Nelson  1 months back

                                                    The issue is that it should have never been a title match. the Fiend is so much better as a hunter. Giving him the belt no one is going to chase him. He scares people and chases them. The booking of the match was the first thing they did wrong.

                                                    • Mr. Monster
                                                      Mr. Monster  1 months back

                                                      Every fucking idiot who says that hell in the cell was garbage is a fucking idiot who doesn't understand storytelling who doesn't understand overall build who doesn't understand that the fiend doesn't want to win a match the fiend wants to destroy Seth Rollins psychologically the fiend wants Seth Rollins to let him in....

                                                      This isn't about the title changing the fans want a definitive winner but the fans are retarded and don't know what they want they want to watch aew that's what they want they want to watch the Young Bucks with their confetti shooting they don't care about true story telling they don't care about true horror they just want to see a title change. They just want to see somebody have their hand raised.

                                                      Earlier in the night Hell in the Cell you got that with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks Becky Lynch retains her title in an insane Hell in the Cell match and you guys still werent pleased.

                                                      Seth Rollins versus Bray Wyatt wasn't about a title change and it wasn't going to have a winner. In fact the winner was Bray Wyatt for exposing the true Seth Rollins.

                                                      Seth Rollins is not the baby face the company is making him out to be.

                                                      Seth Rollins is a Evolution heel and Bray Wyatt is going to expose him in front of his peers in front of the company in front of the universe.

                                                      Then and only then we will see a new Firefly in Seth Rollins.

                                                      • Vermin van Suicide Aokigahara
                                                        Vermin van Suicide Aokigahara  1 months back

                                                        @MrMonster Thx Vince you kilt Hell in Cell and Hell in a cell is now trash and JDFormNY206 thanks to vince ,it's time to retire to hell in a cell

                                                    • Mr. Monster
                                                      Mr. Monster  1 months back

                                                      People are overreacting for real Hell in the Cell was beautiful storytelling

                                                    • kaseam joseph
                                                      kaseam joseph  1 months back

                                                      All they had to do was have The Fiend bludgeon Seth then have the ref try to stop him and have The Fiend attack the ref then have the ref throw out the match due to the fact he cannot control The Fiend

                                                      • thomas burns
                                                        thomas burns  1 months back

                                                        I dunno why but your videos keep stopping when I lock my phone I have YouTube premium and usually listen to stuff and lock my phone but your videos stop when I lock it literally only these videos no others???

                                                        • Michael Myers's Sis
                                                          Michael Myers's Sis  1 months back

                                                          1998 - Mankind almost dies twice, match continues, no DQ.
                                                          2012 - The Undertaker and Triple H almost killed each other, there was a sledhammer no DQ. 2019 - DQ due to Seth using a sledgehammer. I'm done with WWE.
                                                          They don't know how to use gifts as Bray Wyatt and Sasha Banks. I'll stick to AEW TripleA NJPW and flip randomly to NXT. I won't waste time with RAW or Smackdown anymore. Enough is enough. I feel insulted in my intelligence. (PS: I'm unfollowing WWE in all social media)

                                                          • Vermin van Suicide Aokigahara
                                                            Vermin van Suicide Aokigahara  1 months back

                                                            @MichaelMyer'sSis if vince and WWE creative team touch something these projects will die 100% and Like Hell in a cell 2019

                                                        • Daquan Corley
                                                          Daquan Corley  1 months back

                                                          I have a theory.. what if WWE & AEW are in cahoots & WWE is tanking to make AEW look better to better the industry .. WWE aren't going to go out of business, they're too big of a company. Idk just a thought.

                                                          • Daquan Corley
                                                            Daquan Corley  1 months back

                                                            @Richard Mills a company that's been around this long just continues to put out terrible outcomes to terrible storylines when they have possibly the best roster ever .. something's fishy man.

                                                          • Richard Mills
                                                            Richard Mills  1 months back

                                                            Daquan Corley a terrible one at that

                                                        • Richard Mills
                                                          Richard Mills  1 months back

                                                          Maybe I’m
                                                          Being an idiot... but the Patreon link isn’t in the description???

                                                          • The Grappler
                                                            The Grappler  1 months back

                                                            Here's the really messed up part about what happened. Pre AEW it would have just been business as usual. Seth would have came out, cut a baby face promo while getting massively booed, and shrugged it off to make Vince happy. Vince would have done nothing to reverse what happened and would have kept booking The Fiend into feuds that have no basis of a proper build and that would have been the end of it. Thank GOD for competition because at least, even though they did book themselves into a corner, they are attempting to right a huge wrong. Im not one of those people that think that it makes either guy look bad but the match certainly had no business being booked and we knew as soon as it was that there was gonna be a muck up and yes.....they mucked up without a doubt. IMO it IS salvageable but I also think that what happened this year and what happened last year the Hell in a Cell is in DYER need of a great match cuz it just looks stupid now... which to me is more sad honestly.

                                                            • Stephen Bayer
                                                              Stephen Bayer  1 months back

                                                              I get it turning seth heel but i think if he is kept baby face and he just looses the belt and seth going after the US or Intercontinental title. Wwe doesn't have the good baby face ratio of heels is a lot more than babyfaces part of the problem is wwe can't make babyfaces. I still like seth just keep him away from the main title picture.
                                                              Also I don't see what the big deal is with the green mist from Auska i remember Tajiri would do the green mist all the time how come its all of a sudden become a problem

                                                              • PerfectCell71
                                                                PerfectCell71  1 months back

                                                                Vince accomplishment exactly what I believe he set out to do. Kill the Fiend AND the stomp in one fell swoop. Not a secret he’s not a Wyatt fan and never has been. Also not a secret he hates and has always hated Seth’s finisher. Vince does what he wants with his company and fuck all of us for questioning it in any capacity. He’s part of the 1% and in the end will get what he wants because that’s been how it’s been for his entire life.

                                                                • rusty shackelford
                                                                  rusty shackelford  1 months back

                                                                  They should have had bray beating up Seth to the point of terror grab the big mallot then right before "killing" Seth lights go out you hear the bray laugh thing and the fiend is gone with Seth in the ring looking scared like wtf maybe with a gangrel blood bath. Then you set up the whole "let him in" struggle to get Seth in the right mind to fight him.

                                                                  • stewps
                                                                    stewps  1 months back

                                                                    The WWE doesn't want to make Seth look weak

                                                                • Robin T
                                                                  Robin T  1 months back

                                                                  So the fiend can destroy Balor ( who is also a demon) in 5 min, but Seth can dominate the fiend SMH....

                                                                  • Ha Kai
                                                                    Ha Kai  1 months back

                                                                    Balor wasn’t “the demon” when he fought The fiend, dummy lol

                                                                  • Big McLargeHuge
                                                                    Big McLargeHuge  1 months back

                                                                    Apparently you were not paying attention

                                                                • Bradley Parker
                                                                  Bradley Parker  1 months back

                                                                  i actually enjoyed the match and despite the match being thrown out i did enjoy what that kind of set up. the fiend was a slow lumbering but undefeatable monster. making it less about killing him and more about surviving him. seth was quick enough to survive him but you give the fiend an opening (like after the match) hes very dangerous. and tbh found it very compelling seeing him kill seth after the bell. i think seth wasnt on raw because seth is kayfabe dead

                                                                  • Bradley Parker
                                                                    Bradley Parker  1 months back

                                                                    also think people very quickly forget enjoyable segments if they didnt like 1 minute at the end. not saying thats wrong but im happy to look at the eggs that still remain in my basket

                                                                • Cary Williams
                                                                  Cary Williams  1 months back

                                                                  They should have had the fiend no sell damage, dominate seth, win the match, look at the belt and just leave it there on top of the defeated rollins. That way elevates bray to a mythical figure above championships like the undertaker, and they can keep the belt with their babyface.

                                                                  • Ronin
                                                                    Ronin  1 months back

                                                                    Totally agree. I think the next night Bray should've come on the funhouse and said "Seth I never wanted your belt... I wanted your soul"

                                                                  • Gcool243
                                                                    Gcool243  1 months back

                                                                    @Avigantimos i think it would've worked if the fiend won the match and before either man left the ring, have the fiend drape the title over rollins' body and just walk away.

                                                                  • Gcool243
                                                                    Gcool243  1 months back

                                                                    I love this. I'm just not really sure how down the road, someone could ever be expected to beat rollins. But I would've loved if he' won the match and like you said just left the belt on an unconscious rollins because it was never about the title, but about the punishment.

                                                                  • Avigantimos
                                                                    Avigantimos  1 months back

                                                                    I thought the same thing but i thought it would have been so hard if he won, came out and raw and threw that shit down like fuck this title, its meaningless to me.

                                                                  • Daniel Wiehe
                                                                    Daniel Wiehe  1 months back

                                                                    Or if they wanna have a real DQ, have him go ape on Seth, Mandible Claw him to the mat, the ref counts 1, 2..Fiend pulls him up, back down, 1, 2, Pulls up, you can do that a few times before the ref confronts the Fiend who then pushing the ref out of the way, which can then get the DQ finish to keep the belt on Seth. I do like yours better though, just don't see them actually making their biggest belt look like a toy (more than they already have).

                                                                • JohnTheBaptist87
                                                                  JohnTheBaptist87  1 months back

                                                                  They ruined wyatt tho cos how they gonna justify wyatt being finished by anything now especially in in a normal match after all that how can we ever believe anyone's finish will put him away after that

                                                                  • Richard Mills
                                                                    Richard Mills  1 months back

                                                                    JohnTheBaptist87 1 F5 should do the trick lol it does with everybody else

                                                                • JohnTheBaptist87
                                                                  JohnTheBaptist87  1 months back

                                                                  Was the ref down when kane ripped the door off the cell an tombstones take in my memory no ge he weren't so if Michael's wasnt dqd then wtf

                                                                  • Mamakitty 65
                                                                    Mamakitty 65  1 months back

                                                                    I hate when you pop out of no where at that start.... almost pissed myself, i wasn't ready haha!

                                                                    • Danny Stark
                                                                      Danny Stark  1 months back

                                                                      They also did a tweet about yesterday and having a raw rematch to make up for Sunday.

                                                                      • Danny Stark
                                                                        Danny Stark  1 months back

                                                                        Wilbourns reaction to the end of the match and tamina winning the 24/7 title so much rage and frustration loll.