Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - Special Ops Trailer

  • Published: 08 October 2019
  • The next evolution of Special Ops.

    Experience Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®'s massive 4-player co-op world on all platforms October 25th.

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Comments • 6 519

  • leonard penter
    leonard penter  7 minutes back

    What is special ops exactly

    • Matheus Mirosvick
      Matheus Mirosvick  24 minutes back

      Jogo fodao

      • shin chan
        shin chan  42 minutes back

        Really Blizzard? Should have used Chinese soldiers to fight for freedom against "terrorism".

        • ramusxxgm
          ramusxxgm  57 minutes back

          Al Asad at the end??

          • Redhart
            Redhart  1 hours back

            Eargasm: 1:01 - 1:12

            • Zod1ac Playyzzz
              Zod1ac Playyzzz  1 hours back

              Is there survival tho

              • FANBOY Lets' Plays
                FANBOY Lets' Plays  1 hours back

                1:28 notice how the enemy in the ground has russian equipment

                • José Vinicius G. Silva

                  Every shooter nowadays have a bearded guy wearing shades and a bandanna

                  • CTH
                    CTH  2 hours back


                    • Dave
                      Dave  2 hours back

                      Worth buying now just 4 the special ops Co op

                      • Oreo Sauce
                        Oreo Sauce  3 hours back

                        Well... I guess I gotta wait a year for it to not be a PS4 exclusive...

                        • Phoenix Alpha
                          Phoenix Alpha  4 hours back

                          2000 and late tech to me ...

                          • Game Big
                            Game Big  5 hours back

                            COD Special Opps or Ghost Recon Wildlands remastered by Activision???? I'm confused....

                            • Toxify
                              Toxify  5 hours back


                              • Nova Zz
                                Nova Zz  5 hours back

                                Can‘t wait anymore Need this Game and scream rage incoming xd

                                • kolknam kwarez
                                  kolknam kwarez  6 hours back

                                  $80????? I will just wait until it's $10

                                  • Amazing top trends
                                    Amazing top trends  6 hours back

                                    0:26 swimming pool at school , erangel map of pubg

                                    • In$anitySMM
                                      In$anitySMM  7 hours back

                                      as an xbox player, i am extremely excited to play the survival mode, me and my friends have been waiting since MW3 and will be playing it on launch day

                                      • Rudy Salas
                                        Rudy Salas  7 hours back

                                        It aint spec ops without a plane fight.

                                        • Timpro Gaming 81
                                          Timpro Gaming 81  7 hours back

                                          COD is back! 🎧💪

                                          • Rafael Couto x360
                                            Rafael Couto x360  7 hours back

                                            Quando chegar o dia do lançamento eu não vou perder tempo já vou comprar eu joguei a demo e gostei um jogo muito bom tô doido que chegue logo dia 25

                                            • Adrian Adula
                                              Adrian Adula  7 hours back

                                              Great another Crawling for pistol scene again what a classic

                                              • Ciel97
                                                Ciel97  7 hours back

                                                ´´Whos your team?´´

                                                Me: have ZIIIIIIRO friends..

                                                • Jason Sanchez
                                                  Jason Sanchez  7 hours back

                                                  Looks legit

                                                  • Mayc Albuquerque
                                                    Mayc Albuquerque  8 hours back

                                                    please put the map Dome !! he is incredible!!

                                                    • Dan Bridger
                                                      Dan Bridger  8 hours back

                                                      I can't wait for this!

                                                      • covvy
                                                        covvy  8 hours back

                                                        This is what combined arms shouldve been

                                                        • Haram not good
                                                          Haram not good  8 hours back

                                                          Is this russia america war?

                                                          • gibbschuck55
                                                            gibbschuck55  9 hours back

                                                            Is it still exclusive to PS4 for a year?

                                                            • Space Jam
                                                              Space Jam  9 hours back

                                                              This game trash

                                                              Like if you don't agree

                                                              • Shady
                                                                Shady  9 hours back

                                                                These trailers got those mw2 vibes bruh

                                                                • Purple Nurp
                                                                  Purple Nurp  9 hours back

                                                                  Too bad parts of this is only available for the ps4 glad I wasn't getting it anyways, cod died after black ops 2.

                                                                  • Nico Games
                                                                    Nico Games  9 hours back

                                                                    "This is for Soap."

                                                                  • Группа 《Альфа》

                                                                    I need AK-74M and AK-105

                                                                    • Christian RL
                                                                      Christian RL  11 hours back

                                                                      Game of the year

                                                                      • Priti Singh
                                                                        Priti Singh  11 hours back

                                                                        My best call of duty

                                                                        • DavSquaredo
                                                                          DavSquaredo  11 hours back

                                                                          Bring back survival mode!

                                                                          • Background Studios
                                                                            Background Studios  12 hours back

                                                                            Ah yes ghost recon

                                                                            • Сергей Волков

                                                                              Донецкий аэропорт??? You facking seriously???!!!

                                                                              • Franz Fries
                                                                                Franz Fries  13 hours back

                                                                                Who's the dude from the last clip?

                                                                                • PhiL BNg
                                                                                  PhiL BNg  13 hours back

                                                                                  Just 1% Difference....

                                                                                  • Александр Петров

                                                                                    РУССКИЕ ПОСТАВЬТЕ МНЕ ЛАЙК.ПУСТЬ АМЕРИКОСЫ ПОДУМАЮТ ЧТО Я НАПИСАЛ ЧТО-ТО УМНОЕ :-)

                                                                                    • Kelvin Chaniago
                                                                                      Kelvin Chaniago  14 hours back


                                                                                      • Chahat Sharma
                                                                                        Chahat Sharma  15 hours back

                                                                                        Can anyone tell about cod mw 2019 PC specs

                                                                                        • Влад Кушнир
                                                                                          Влад Кушнир  15 hours back

                                                                                          Слава Україні!

                                                                                          • Cumulo Antigravitacion
                                                                                            Cumulo Antigravitacion  15 hours back

                                                                                            OK ACTIVISION YOU HAVE TO PUT MORE LIGTH ON THE NIGTH MAPS PLEASE,YOU CAN'T SEE WITHOUT GLASSES.

                                                                                            • Callum Billyeald
                                                                                              Callum Billyeald  16 hours back

                                                                                              Anyone not notice Shepard at the end? Who killed ghost?

                                                                                              • Møáäž Møhăméđ
                                                                                                Møáäž Møhăméđ  16 hours back

                                                                                                We're Gonna have another Mile high club op. again 😎