10 Movie Endings The Audience Guessed Immediately

  • Published: 07 October 2019
  • We all knew what was coming.

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Comments • 420

  • OpalFrootz
    OpalFrootz  2 days back

    I guessed the ending to Seven about ten minutes in

    • Canadian Dee
      Canadian Dee  5 days back

      Tarantino has a foot fetish, at least for his movies

      • Tyler Durden
        Tyler Durden  1 weeks back

        I knew the entire plot of Shutter Island from the preview alone. It was patently clear exactly what was going to happen.

        • Veer Chasm
          Veer Chasm  2 weeks back

          Man, what were we thinking with Avatar?

          • Dee Brown
            Dee Brown  3 weeks back

            Lol incredibles 2. Definitely saw it coming with the sister as the villain. The whole movie was pushing some girl power agenda by giving most of the action to the mom and damn nearly side lining the family. So of course she was gonna have a female main villain.

            • Flower Power
              Flower Power  3 weeks back

              7:12 umm wtf?

              • edimilson lennon
                edimilson lennon  3 weeks back

                I was just thinking about it and then I see it in 2nd place, good move whatculture

                • marco frazier
                  marco frazier  3 weeks back

                  I did guess the village movie but it was kind of an accident. I joking (or what I thought was a joke lol) said to myself around 15 mins in the movie "it would be funny if these events were set in today's timeline". Then they started given subtle clues which were not subtle for me bc I accidentally guess it so early in the movie lol.

                  • Tracy Hughes
                    Tracy Hughes  3 weeks back

                    What about The Sixth Sense? I can't be the only one that worked that one out, I'm not that clever!

                    • Luke A
                      Luke A  3 weeks back

                      Anyone else instantly skip first 1:20 of whatculture these days?

                      • Braindoner101
                        Braindoner101  3 weeks back

                        Last Christmas. My friend only told me a little bit of the movie and I guessed that the Asian dude was a ggggggg ghost!!!!

                        • Jim La Rose
                          Jim La Rose  3 weeks back

                          I knew The Village twist from the opening shot when they didn’t mention a year.

                          • Ryan Orth
                            Ryan Orth  3 weeks back

                            Incredible 2, her name was Evil endeavor......

                            LIKE COME ON YOUR NOT EVEN TRYING

                            • Victor Ortiz
                              Victor Ortiz  4 weeks back

                              Masters of the Universe, He-Man wins.

                              • Mental Popcorn
                                Mental Popcorn  4 weeks back

                                Titanic should be number 1

                                • Werewolf O. London, Esq.
                                  Werewolf O. London, Esq.  3 weeks back

                                  Films like that, I always took it that we should 'enjoy the ride.' There's a lot of twists and turns going on in these films, before we reach the ending.

                              • Nacho Núñez
                                Nacho Núñez  4 weeks back

                                3:46 "tUrN hEEl"

                                • Natalie H
                                  Natalie H  4 weeks back

                                  The garbage that was Us 😒

                                  • abu269
                                    abu269  4 weeks back

                                    Other predictable films:
                                    Black Panther
                                    Secret Window
                                    Captain Marvel
                                    And 90% of horror movies

                                    • 1 2
                                      1 2  1 months back

                                      Once upon a time in Mexico... and they all lived happily ever after?

                                      • Andrew Harper
                                        Andrew Harper  1 months back

                                        No Titanic? You're setting up a plot twist right?

                                        • Hill m
                                          Hill m  1 months back

                                          I love how you end your videos Jules. You make me feel better every single time.

                                          • Emilie Cloutier
                                            Emilie Cloutier  1 months back

                                            THIS. This is the kind of positive reinforcement for seeking help for mental health we need. It's casual and genuine, putting it at the end of videos like this normalizes mental illnesses and makes help feel in reach. Nothing but praise and appreciation for this. Thank you sincerely, these small actions make such a huge difference <3

                                            • 10tonhamster
                                              10tonhamster  1 months back

                                              Once Upon A Time.... saddest happy ending I've ever seen.

                                              • dan delgiorno
                                                dan delgiorno  1 months back

                                                For some reason when I saw Titanic I had this crazy feeling the ship was going to sink and when it did I couldn't believe it.. Shit, I hope I didn't just spoil that for those who didn't see it

                                                • DankDa Gank
                                                  DankDa Gank  1 months back

                                                  I like DKR better than the DK at just watching both of em the other day confirmed my choice.

                                                  • Nathan Cavanaugh
                                                    Nathan Cavanaugh  1 months back

                                                    I’m probably being a bit of a brown noser with my always commenting on this, but Jules’ sendoffs are really the only WC endings I don’t skip. Sure, I can guess the ending, but it’s just one of those things he always delivers authentically, and leaves me with the feelz every time. Thanks Jules :)

                                                    • Pam’s
                                                      Pam’s  1 months back

                                                      So I'm the only person who thought Logan was lame

                                                    • mactony4
                                                      mactony4  1 months back

                                                      9:41 What did you expect, its a Tarantino movie.

                                                      • rekrn12345
                                                        rekrn12345  1 months back

                                                        Don't think logan should be on this list since it was based off a comic. I mean predicting it will end the same as the comic is pretty easy. If they changed it and they predicted that it would be another story.

                                                        • Chris Dutson
                                                          Chris Dutson  1 months back

                                                          Avatar ripped off the movie ferngully. Exact same polt

                                                          • camilowish
                                                            camilowish  1 months back

                                                            Where's the "one per list"?

                                                            • Soumya Sharan
                                                              Soumya Sharan  1 months back

                                                              This video's ending was something no one could have guessed!

                                                              • Jessica Zaytsoff
                                                                Jessica Zaytsoff  1 months back

                                                                Logan was a terrible script with nonsense universe building and I will stand by this opinion for ages.

                                                                • Julianna Foster
                                                                  Julianna Foster  1 months back

                                                                  Can I say that I guessed a plot twist that's famous for being unguessable? Cause everyone told me I had to see The Usual Suspects. "It's such a good movie! You'll never guess the ending!" Maybe it's because I knew there was a plot twist going in (definitely a possibility), but I guessed the ending by like 10 minutes into the film. I guess I just thought the decoy was too obvious, and the person it was was too obviously "totally not the bad guy, it's impossible!" I dunno. Just always felt like that one was obvious.

                                                                  Did love The Sixth Sense though, never saw that one coming and loved the clues in retrospect.

                                                                  • WhiskeyBrewer
                                                                    WhiskeyBrewer  1 months back

                                                                    I didn't guess the Incredible 2 twist because of her name. I guessed because you knew it wasnt gonna be the guy villain again

                                                                    • The Narrator
                                                                      The Narrator  1 months back

                                                                      Thanks for the #1 spot heads up.
                                                                      Have a great day as well!!
                                                                      I'll finish this after I get to watching it.

                                                                      • Tom Clayton
                                                                        Tom Clayton  1 months back

                                                                        Tarantino loooooveeesss the feet

                                                                        • Andy Snook
                                                                          Andy Snook  1 months back

                                                                          Number 1...once upon a time in Hollywood...you do realise it's a true story sont you? No1 guessed it, anyone who knew the original happenings in the 60/70's knew how it was gonna end, I bet you didn't know there was a Charles Manson acknowledgment in it too?

                                                                          • DarkMatter280
                                                                            DarkMatter280  1 months back

                                                                            9 wasn't really a twist 🤔

                                                                            • Dr Who?
                                                                              Dr Who?  1 months back

                                                                              Avatar is also a remake of Lawrence of Arabia

                                                                              • Bluemorpho28 the gamecat
                                                                                Bluemorpho28 the gamecat  1 months back

                                                                                Dead silence is the worst the opening credits detail out the twist in drawings in a sketchbook

                                                                                • Gloria Morales
                                                                                  Gloria Morales  1 months back

                                                                                  Thank you so much for the PSA at the end. Very responsible.

                                                                                  • metropod
                                                                                    metropod  2 months back

                                                                                    Detective Pikachu.

                                                                                    Unlike entires such as Logan, another adaptation of pre-existing material, you didn’t have that source material to spoil because the fate of Harry (the human protagonist’s dad and Detective Pikachu’s trainer) was the sequel hook.

                                                                                    Meanwhile, the movie was green lit for a sequel before it even came out and they wasted that opportunity.

                                                                                    • J Paterson
                                                                                      J Paterson  2 months back

                                                                                      Shymalan’s movies were all predictable. The Sixth Sense, I knew the Bruce Willis character was dead the minute after they cut away from him bleeding out on the bed and the next scene showing him. After watching how the kid reacted to seeing dead people, I knew the patient who killed Dr. Crowe saw them, too. The only surprise was the use of the color red. That I didn’t notice. Same thing with Unbreakable for exactly the same reasons Price gives - of course he caused the train to crash.

                                                                                      • Daniel Brown
                                                                                        Daniel Brown  2 months back

                                                                                        Where's Ash? We Want Ash! We Want Ash!

                                                                                        • Dhruv Girgenti
                                                                                          Dhruv Girgenti  2 months back

                                                                                          As much as I love the MCU and Endgame, any real fan knew Tony was gonna die way before the release. And everyone knew the “fallen” Avengers were gonna come back.

                                                                                          Obviously there were LOTS of moments no one saw coming, but there was so much buildup that some of it became very predictable. Still an amazing movie though

                                                                                          • stickmangrit
                                                                                            stickmangrit  2 months back

                                                                                            JESUS CHRIST JULES, YOU BRING UP DARK KNIGHT RISES AND DON'T EVEN MENTION TALIA? most of the fans figured that one out the second they cast Marillion Coltard (probably butchered the spelling on that one), and the production adamantly denied it the whole way through, leading to the midnight premier where my reaction was "duh" and my little brother's reaction was to lean over to me and ask "am i supposed to know who that is?". see also Kahn in ST:ID.

                                                                                            • Emilie
                                                                                              Emilie  2 months back

                                                                                              100% agree about Logan. It was doe so damn well that you don't even care you know Logan's going to die at the end.