FULL INTERVIEW PART TWO: Dr. Oz on Losing Weight, Intermittent Fasting, and More!

  • Published: 09 November 2019
  • Real fam, have you found it harder to stay at your goal weight as you age?
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  • HannieL A
    HannieL A  4 weeks back

    i cant wait for them to have youtubers as their guests cohosts

    • Katie L
      Katie L  4 weeks back

      I love the show but hate the cheesy segments

      • Mona Patel
        Mona Patel  4 weeks back

        stop forcing the audience to clap so much its so annoying and fake

        • Nellie K. Adaba
          Nellie K. Adaba  3 weeks back

          Unfortunately every daytime and late night shows around the world make the audience clap, scream, shout. I wish it was more natural.

      • Joey Geballa
        Joey Geballa  4 weeks back

        I can’t deal with the “plug your project” segment bc it’s so obvious and awkward tbh isn’t the whole point of journalism to advertise and plug your project seamlessly without having an obvious segment dedicated to it

        • Playbackjunkie
          Playbackjunkie  4 weeks back

          They didn't mention intermittent fasting?

          • Thr 33
            Thr 33  4 weeks back

            Thank you For Not keeping Amanda on the show. She just didnt have it.

            • Jessica T
              Jessica T  4 weeks back

              Dr. Oz use to talk trash about keto and IF and now he’s raving. He’s stealing Dr Berg stuff. Shame on him

              • Cinthia Munoz
                Cinthia Munoz  4 weeks back

                Dr berg on YouTube is the doctor about intermittent fasting and keto! Not dr oz. Dr oz stole from dr berg content!

                • Adia Sinead
                  Adia Sinead  4 weeks back

                  Loni’s top/ dress is gorgeous! I’d love to know where to get it.

                  • Javier Ruiz
                    Javier Ruiz  4 weeks back

                    @Mary Amewonu well she is huge!!! I thought it was funny

                  • Mary Amewonu
                    Mary Amewonu  4 weeks back

                    @Javier Ruiz rude much

                  • Katie L
                    Katie L  4 weeks back

                    Javier Ruiz 😂😂

                  • Javier Ruiz
                    Javier Ruiz  4 weeks back

                    Probably at a curtain shop!!!😀

                • Imani Dyson
                  Imani Dyson  4 weeks back

                  Why is it necessary to put this video in parts? These stupid little clips are the reason I do not watch anymore.

                  • MaccarroniNcheese17
                    MaccarroniNcheese17  4 weeks back

                    Not sure about this but maybe they're trying to avoid putting ads on their videos?

                • N I
                  N I  4 weeks back

                  Why doesn’t he be honest and say intermittent fasting comes from Islam?

                  • lena sims
                    lena sims  4 weeks back

                    That's not true! It's ancient practice and various religions, Christians, Judaism, Hinduism have all practiced it.

                • dablemont samir
                  dablemont samir  4 weeks back

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                  • fried chicken
                    fried chicken  4 weeks back

                    Tamera’s outfit. 😍

                    • Mariam
                      Mariam  4 weeks back

                      Everything is great and all but the audience clapping after every sentence is so annoying and staged/enforced/out of place.

                      • Javier Ruiz
                        Javier Ruiz  4 weeks back

                        Of course tamaga has to say wine because her beloved husband owns a winery

                      • Javier Ruiz
                        Javier Ruiz  4 weeks back

                        This show is so staged everyone knows that

                    • Thr 33
                      Thr 33  4 weeks back

                      What Booker got Dr.Oz to come on the Show to talk about Dog the Bounty hunter to the Real who has an audience that is targeted to people of color 🤔.

                      • Alexjandro Ceron
                        Alexjandro Ceron  4 weeks back

                        He’s wrong for putting dog the bounty hunters health out there like that . Like that’s kind of private no?

                        • Javier Ruiz
                          Javier Ruiz  4 weeks back

                          Umm he came to the show dumb ass

                        • issamemariheaux
                          issamemariheaux  4 weeks back

                          Uh... didn't the guy agree to be on the show to talk about his health? Like...

                        • Alexjandro Ceron
                          Alexjandro Ceron  4 weeks back

                          Thr 33 aww I’ll send a prayer your way babe , you’re obviously going through it if you’re telling a random person to shut up for voicing their opinion 🙏🏽

                        • Thr 33
                          Thr 33  4 weeks back

                          They sign up for this so please shut up

                        • Caz A
                          Caz A  4 weeks back

                          surely he chose to do it himself on Dr Oz

                      • Jamie Hood
                        Jamie Hood  4 weeks back

                        Dr. Oz no longer has credibility as a doctor. He was taken to court for lying to promote "miracle pills."

                        • Jamie Hood
                          Jamie Hood  4 weeks back

                          @Blackskye211 Think what you want, but he's a charismatic liar, and has admitted to it

                        • Blackskye211
                          Blackskye211  4 weeks back

                          I still trust him

                        • jinx xo
                          jinx xo  4 weeks back

                          Jamie Hood, I grew up watching him on Oprah and going into his own show— my mom just told me the same thing. I’m sad lol. He chose promoting something for money over health.

                        • Jamie Hood
                          Jamie Hood  4 weeks back

                          @stella manurung He lied about taking pills that would miraculously help you lose weight, then admitted it was a lie

                        • stella manurung
                          stella manurung  4 weeks back

                          what are miracle pills?

                      • Fitness Girl Fun
                        Fitness Girl Fun  4 weeks back

                        Like thie episode. Good information.😍

                        • Chrissy Got The Coils
                          Chrissy Got The Coils  4 weeks back

                          I love Loni's top 🧡🧡

                          • Javier Ruiz
                            Javier Ruiz  4 weeks back

                            You mean her tops because with all that fabric we could of dressed an entire black family