• Published: 14 October 2019
  • 3 Scary Games continues with even more scary games and horror games! In this episode we explore a haunted train in estacao liberdade, the HORRIFYING inner workings of the human body in cardiac, and then jumpscare the pants off of ourselves with another portugese game based on the creepypasta BILU! So if you want to see a whole lot of jump scares in a dense scary video then look no further! I love indie horror games so let's play!

    NEW COMFY CLOTHES ► https://cloakbrand.com/

    EDITED BY ► LIXIAN https://www.youtube.com/user/LixianTV

    Estacao Liberdade ► https://gtnardy.itch.io/estacao-liberdade

    Cardiac ► https://katanalevy.itch.io/cardiac

    BILU ► https://gamejolt.com/games/ET-B1lu/443504

    Horror Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted
    Happy Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/hielia/minimusicman-crazy-la-paint
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  • This. Is. Me.
    This. Is. Me.  19 hours back


    • Vincent the Mortician
      Vincent the Mortician  1 days back

      5:11 it got me too man. 😂

      • UwU Croissant
        UwU Croissant  1 days back

        editor portugues * - *

        • Doni Dozh
          Doni Dozh  2 days back

          *a wild Portuguese game appears*

          Mark: LIXIAN HELP ME!!!

          • blackmore232
            blackmore232  2 days back

            the sound on the phone was from the P.T game

            • •LucasTheLoneWolfy •


              • Júlio Laguna
                Júlio Laguna  2 days back

                Mark trying to speak our language was the best thing I've ever seen

                • Mr Blin man
                  Mr Blin man  2 days back

                  Mark:alright its uh time for the next game

                  Ad plays

                  Me:damn that is pretty scary

                  • rineiro
                    rineiro  2 days back


                    • Maddox Marsh
                      Maddox Marsh  3 days back

                      lol i am actually part portuguese so this game is very interesting for me

                      • Akira The Fox
                        Akira The Fox  3 days back

                        Olha o jogo tá em português!

                        • dawndishsoap
                          dawndishsoap  3 days back

                          on the first game when the jumpscare showed up u literally almost spilled my chocolate milk 😭👎😂

                          • Duiglio Sparacini
                            Duiglio Sparacini  3 days back

                            5:11 momy, poop in my pants I did

                            • Talent Summers
                              Talent Summers  3 days back


                              • Firos Ryuu
                                Firos Ryuu  3 days back

                                Is it Sad that Seeing Lixian's little avatar pop up and say stuff during these really makes my day? Keep up the good work, good buddy. With Mark and Lixian around no day can becomes a bad day for me. Hope you both keep having fun and continue to enjoy your chosen professions.

                                • Tate Jones
                                  Tate Jones  3 days back

                                  no one:
                                  the last game: literally gives mark whiplash

                                  • Irosh perera
                                    Irosh perera  3 days back

                                    Someone get me a bag , the 2nd game is 😫😵😱🤢🤮

                                    • Planet Animes
                                      Planet Animes  3 days back

                                      Does anyone know the numbers

                                      • AntiLawyer AL
                                        AntiLawyer AL  3 days back

                                        That take a shit game is real life horror.

                                        • MOHAAMASTER
                                          MOHAAMASTER  4 days back

                                          Sounds like they used sounds from PT

                                          • Caitlyn Page
                                            Caitlyn Page  4 days back

                                            O H O H O H O H O H O H O H O H

                                            • GlassOfJuicePlz J
                                              GlassOfJuicePlz J  4 days back

                                              The speech at the beginning of the first game is the same as what the announcer was talking about in PT at the end.
                                              “He was just that kind of guy - PT
                                              “I was just that kind of guy.” - First game

                                              It sounded familiar.
                                              The only difference is that in this game it’s in first person, and in PT it was in second person. They’re cruelly very similar games as well, with walking down the same corridor over and over again.

                                              • Dishwasher
                                                Dishwasher  5 days back

                                                Language: *exists*
                                                Mark: *Is this portugese????*

                                                • AngelStorm2013
                                                  AngelStorm2013  5 days back

                                                  I'm impressed that your editor is portuguese! Really cool to know that there are many people around that even tho they speak english ain't afraid of knowing other languages and admitting their nationality!

                                                  • Mi- Chan
                                                    Mi- Chan  5 days back

                                                    The second game... is Mark demonstrating why words mean absolutely nothing

                                                    • Steve & Melissa McAdams

                                                      What game does he mean by “butts and poopy game”? Could someone link the video? Thanks!

                                                      • Bounphithak Phithak
                                                        Bounphithak Phithak  6 days back

                                                        The last game jumpscare is funny af lmao

                                                        • Carol
                                                          Carol  6 days back

                                                          Mark reading brazilian portuguese is a blessing to my ears <3 haha

                                                          • Hannah Marie
                                                            Hannah Marie  6 days back

                                                            First game was a P.T. Rip off

                                                            • Peachy bubble kiss
                                                              Peachy bubble kiss  6 days back

                                                              Lixian is português? Omg I didn’t know THat I AM TOo

                                                              • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

                                                                8 yo me: mom where do babies come from
                                                                8 yo me an hour later: 2:56

                                                                • Risk The Demon
                                                                  Risk The Demon  7 days back

                                                                  The scare on the first game caused me to throw my phone..... nice ;-;

                                                                  • Frankie Cuellar
                                                                    Frankie Cuellar  1 weeks back

                                                                    You look like. Wen u first started.

                                                                    • Elisa Snow
                                                                      Elisa Snow  1 weeks back

                                                                      Quem é ou o que é "ET Bilu"?
                                                                      E.T. Bilu é um suposto extraterrestre que foi encontrado em Corginho (Cidade do Mato Grosso) no Brasil. Ele diz ter vindo de Zigurati. Você pode encontrá-lo na mata com a ajuda de Jurandir, o guia local.
                                                                      Bilu é famoso por sua frase de efeito: Apenas que busquem o conhecimento.

                                                                      • Jevil
                                                                        Jevil  1 weeks back

                                                                        WE NEED MORE LIXIAN! XD

                                                                        • Wolfie Galaxy47
                                                                          Wolfie Galaxy47  1 weeks back

                                                                          That first games jumpscare cause me to jump and fall on the floor

                                                                          • dra kzz
                                                                            dra kzz  1 weeks back


                                                                            • Tele Maniac
                                                                              Tele Maniac  1 weeks back


                                                                              *am I the only one who thought the Dora theme song was gonna start playin till the end of the jumpscare-*

                                                                              • t e a m o o n
                                                                                t e a m o o n  1 weeks back

                                                                                I love how Lixian took time out of his day just to humor us!Now I find that just absolutely darling,warms my heart☺️

                                                                                • Cassandra Calder
                                                                                  Cassandra Calder  1 weeks back

                                                                                  I'm gonna show the second game to my biology teacher and watch her freak out

                                                                                  • Christene Jewn
                                                                                    Christene Jewn  1 weeks back

                                                                                    OMG VANISH I REMEMBER THAT GAME TYE MEMORIES

                                                                                    • Ashley Chapman
                                                                                      Ashley Chapman  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Mark. Me laugh so much. You're contagious. Keep up the good work.

                                                                                      • ThePraetorian
                                                                                        ThePraetorian  1 weeks back

                                                                                        I love how everytime someone tries to read portuguese they sound like they are talking spanish

                                                                                        • Nic GC
                                                                                          Nic GC  1 weeks back

                                                                                          I play mortal kobat 11 and the game cardiac made me sick

                                                                                          • Preston Ammon
                                                                                            Preston Ammon  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Oh no darkiplier came back

                                                                                            • TheOneAndTheOnly BugDonut

                                                                                              2:14 There HAS to be a septiplier connection... becauseeeeeee "If you mess with the honk, you get the bonk!"

                                                                                              • valkyr11
                                                                                                valkyr11  1 weeks back

                                                                                                Also at 4:00, did they just reuse Silent Hills audio assets?

                                                                                                EDIT: And dialogue and atmosphere... Okay! I take it it's an homage, then, haha.

                                                                                                • Hold Up
                                                                                                  Hold Up  1 weeks back

                                                                                                  I think it was 4:58 or so when mark starts going "br- bru-" afterward i said "Bruuh" then mark said it.. Doesn't sound like it's comment-worthy but i thought it was cool.